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Time to change: The ‘Brady Bunch’ bathroom finally gets a toilet after 50 years

“Even in 1969, it was a running joke with all of us — that there’s no freakin’ toilet!” Mike Lookinland, who played youngest son Bobby Brady, laughingly tells Yahoo Entertainment.

“At the time, the idea was that it was just sort of tacky to be showing toilets on TV,” adds Eve “Jan Brady” Plumb. “Nowadays, everybody’s on the toilet!”

While the actors aren’t sure if the kids’ toilet is an antique from the 1970s (the one in maid Alice’s bathroom — a room previously not seen on the show — is), Barry “Greg Brady” Williams jokes, “This one actually turns around counterclockwise.” And Maureen McCormick, who played “Marcia Marcia Marcia,” has officially “christened” the toilet and given it her stamp of approval. “I have to say I have used it now, and it was good!” she reveals with a grin and thumbs-up.

Since HGTV was generous enough to add a maid’s-quarters bathroom to the revamped Brady property, it’s odd that in 2019, all six child occupants would still be expected to share one bathroom (especially if all six kids need some mirror/counter space to style their long and/or permed hair). It certainly seems like a shortcoming of the original house. “Yeah… and our dad was an architect! Hello!?” quips Lookinland.

Toilet humor aside, all six actors say entering the rebuilt home was a seriously emotional experience. “It’s like you’re walking into your childhood,” says Susan Olsen, aka Cindy Brady. “It brought a few tears.”

“I had goosebumps all over, and I truly envisioned Florence [Henderson] and Bob [Robert Reed] sitting in the two green chairs when you first walk

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