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18 Books From Smaller Publishers That Deserve Your Attention

Nadja on Nadja, Tsipi Keller (Underground Voices, out now)

Keller’s 14th book follows the namesake protagonist as she holds down a mundane job while trying to write a novel. Hyper-relatable to anyone who has been stuck in a soulless corporate gig, Keller does a great job making Nadja the character and Nadja the book fully realized portraits that capture the tensions between doing wage work and trying to have an artistic life.

Girl Zoo, Carol Guess and Aimee Parkison (The University of Alabama Press, out now)

University presses have long been key in the literary ecosystem when it comes to issuing original, risky work, and ’Bama’s is one of the most innovative. Writers Carol Guess and Aimee Parkison coauthored this collection of short stories about the impact that pop culture has on women. The concept of the “zoo” recurs throughout the book. In each chapter, a woman is in some kind of lockup, whether physically or emotionally.

The Skinned Bird, Chelsea Biondolillo (Kernpunkt Press, out now)

Biondolillo’s compelling experimental memoir takes some big risks, both in emotional openness and in structure (for instance, there is an entire chapter where most of the text is obscured with images of seashells). The result is a gorgeous book about trauma and its aftermath that carries much more weight than its slim 165 pages.

The Cuban Comedy, Pablo Medina (Unnamed Press, out now)

The author of more than a dozen books spanning poetry, memoir, fiction, and translation, Medina’s latest is a novel rendered with a poet’s eye. It centers around Elena, an aspiring poet who is trapped in a village where most of the inhabitants are wrecked from drinking “firewater,” a brew potent enough to make them hallucinate. Elena finds a

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