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How To Thrive in Today’s Disrupted Media Markets

Consumers now expect, and demand, content—whether it be movies, TV shows, podcasts, you name it—to be available anytime, anywhere and on any device. You have to deliver. 

This is not lost on sponsors and advertisers, either. Consider the fact that already, 55% of revenues within the media and entertainment industry now come from digital sources, like mobile—a percentage that will increase to 62% within the next four years. At the same moment, worldwide digital ad spending has reached the point at which it is surpassing traditional ad spending, and by 2023, will encompass 61% of the global ad market.

In isolation these headwinds are challenging, but accelerating this shift are a rapidly increasing mix of major new disruptors, genre-specific aggregators and niche content owners—all building direct-to-viewer plays. As a media executive, you are seeing firsthand how the digital revolution is turning your industry upside down and spawning this wealth of new competitors. You understand the enormous opportunities that new modes of content delivery—such as video on demand, OTT delivery and streaming media—present to your company, and the rich, personalized experiences they offer to your audiences.

To capture new audiences and outpace change, your organization can’t sit still. It’s time to rethink your culture, your processes and the way you do business. It’s time to transform from the inside out.

Digital transformation isn’t easy. In fact, a Forbes Insights survey of 700 executives found that only 25% of enterprises have made any meaningful progress in digital transformation efforts, and 57% are just starting on the journey. 

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