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The Nine Movies You Need to See This Fall

The Nine Movies You Need to See This Fall

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

There’s a very defined, quietly consuming electricity that grows between two people longing for one another, especially in queer courtship. That burning desire can turn subtle glances into butterflies and fireworks; it morphs tiny gestures and flirtatious smiles into a secret language. That tender, aching intimacy is what patiently brews between two women in 18th Century France in Céline Sciamma’s masterful Portrait of a Lady On Fire. The latest from the French filmmaker (Girlhood, Tomboy) follows artist Marienne (Noémie Merlant) who’s been commissioned to paint a portrait of the reserved and soon-to-be-wed Héloïse (Adèle Haenel). An exquisite slow-burn romance about queer desire and the ways passion transforms artistic expression, Portrait is the type of film you fall swiftly in love with, and like the memory of an old lover, stays with you long after.

The Nine Movies You Need to See This Fall

The Lighthouse

Robert Eggers’s follow-up to The Witch is an enchanting, grimy descent into pure madness. When two lighthouse keepers, Robert Pattinson’s taciturn Ephraim and Willem Dafoe’s grouchy, gaseous Thomas, arrive on an island for four weeks of work, unnerving visions and maniacal, drunken episodes take over. This delightfully nutty tale, full of fights with seagulls and copious farting, is as wickedly funny as it is blissfully horny — prepare for more Pattinson masturbation and an undeniable erotic tension between the two leads. Shot on 35mm black and white by Jarin Blaschke in a 1.19:1 aspect ratio, The Lighthouse is a startling thing to behold, as transfixing as a vision of a glistening mermaid on

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