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How Valiant Entertainment is jumping from comics to movies and TV

  • Valiant Entertainment, home to the third-largest connected comic universe, behind Marvel and DC, is making its big-screen debut in February with “Bloodshot,” starring Vin Diesel.
  • Dan Mintz, the CEO of Valiant’s parent company, DMG Entertainment, said he sees Valiant as “one of the top untapped IPs right now,” with great potential for a cinematic universe.
  • But Valiant has multiple projects in the works at separate studios — including a “Harbinger” movie recently picked up by Paramount — that could make connecting the universe difficult.
  • On the publishing side, Valiant’s comic sales have risen by 10% this year, and a new ongoing “Bloodshot” series is set to debut this month.
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There’s room for another superhero movie universe — at least, that’s what Valiant Entertainment is hoping.

Founded in 1989 by a group of comic-industry veterans, Valiant is home to the third-largest connected universe in comics, behind Marvel and DC, with over 2,000 characters. DMG Entertainment fully acquired Valiant early last year and has ambitious plans to grow its presence in Hollywood.

“Ultimately, it would be great if you saw a film and you could tell if it was a Valiant movie without seeing the logo,” Dan Mintz, DMG Entertainment’s cofounder and CEO, told Business Insider. “That goal drives us every day.”

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Mintz said he views Valiant as “one of the top untapped IPs right now,” with great

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