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How Duo VOILÀ Went from Making Music in a Dorm to Being Featured in Netflix Film Tall Girl

VOILÀ! Like the duo’s name, Gus Ross and Luke Eisner’s music came about like a magic trick.

PEOPLE chatted with the group about morphing their song “Stand Tall” for the Netflix movie Tall Girl — which stars Eisner — and how they started making music together.

The two attended the University of Southern California together and have since been inseparable, making music they describe as “exotic pop.”

“I walk into my first class ever and there was an empty spot next to a guy who also had long hair,” says Eisner, 23. “We both loved Avicii and a conversation started right away. I think right after that class, we went and wrote a song in a dorm room and we’ve pretty much been doing the exact same thing just in different locations.”

Along with dropping covers to tracks like Camila Cabello’s “Havana” and Bruno Mars’ “Marry You,” the two have released song after song this fall including Latin-influenced “Mamacita” and electronic-tinged “Take a Number.”

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