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OWN Just Announced 3 New Holiday Movies. I Am Totally Watching These With My Mama

One Fine Christmas; left, Carole’s Christmas; Baking Christmas
One Fine Christmas; left, Carole’s Christmas; Baking Christmas
Photo: Courtesy of OWN

Hi! It’s not even Halloween yet and we’re talking about Christmas! Happens every year. Fight us.

So, OWN recently announced a trifecta of tinsel-decorated films with its 2019 holiday season lineup. Each movie will premiere during the month of November as a perfect pre-game for Christmas!


As soon as I saw the announcement, I knew I would watch all three movies with my mama, because they are “watch with your mama” movies. But, in real life, I have watched Hallmark/Lifetime/OWN packaged type holiday movies with my mama since moving to L.A. and traveling to Chicago during holiday break. If her TV isn’t tuned to MSNBC or Buzzr (the latter of which is where I delight in the joys of watching classic game shows), she’ll turn on a cutely corny movie that I’d find myself sitting down to watch even though I’ve already completely figured it out from the 5th frame. Still, I have a soft spot for them!

In fact, I kind of want to write oneunder a quirky pseudonym, not so much out of fear of being pigeonhold, but because a quirky writer name would fit. This same desire extends to bad black movies.

But, back to OWN’s holiday trio. Let’s unpack each one, shall we?

One Fine Christmas

Synopsis: Marking the first time they have acted together, Rick Fox and his daughter Sasha Fox star in “One Fine Christmas.” The father/daughter duo join beloved actress Marla Gibbs and fan favorite Vanessa Williams in the ensemble cast. The families on Christmas Street

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