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Edward Norton Says Spielberg Is Wrong: Netflix Isn’t Destroying Movies, Theaters Are

Edward Norton is calling out movie theater chains ahead of the theatrical release of his upcoming Warner Bros. drama “Motherless Brooklyn.” In a new interview with The Daily Beast, Norton tells reporter Nick Schager that “it’s the theater chains that are destroying the theatrical experience. Period, full-stop. No one else.” Norton calls on moviegoers to be vocal about ensuring movie theaters are running projection and sound at top quality because in most cases around the country they are not.

“A lot of filmmakers and cinematographers that I know that have really started to look into this say that more than 60 percent of American theaters are running their projector at almost half the luminosity that they’re required by contract to run it at,” Norton said. “They are delivering crappy sound and a dim picture, and no one is calling them on it.”

Norton continued, “If [movie theaters] were delivering what they’re supposed to be delivering, people would be going, ‘Wow, this is amazing, I do not get this at home’…Well, I want people to literally walk into their theater and find the manager and say, ‘If this looks dark, you’re giving me my money back. Because I’m paying — and at the ArcLight, I’m paying premium — for a premium experience.’”

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