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The Best Halloween Movies on Netflix

We’ve put together a list of the perfect movies to watch this Halloween so you can get your Netflix and chills on; we’ve included everything from family-friendly picks that you can watch with the kids to films that’ll give you nightmares for several nights to come.

Family Friendly


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Coraline is interesting in that it’s one of the creepiest movies we’ve ever seen that was made for kids. While exploring her new home, the titular main character manages to find a portal into ‘Other World,’ a parallel of her own world, complete with doppelgängers of the people in her life including her mom and dad. Coraline’s real parents are dismissive of her and their neglect causes her to seek the comfort of her ‘other’ mom and dad.

However, Coraline realizes that Other World is a trap and that her ‘other’ mom actually has a dark secret that threatens to trap Coraline in Other World forever. If that doesn’t quite pique your interest, consider watching Coraline to appreciate the beauty of stop-motion animation.

Goosebumps 2

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The first Goosebumps is no longer available on Netflix, but the second movie is (note: it doesn’t follow the events of the first). Goosebumps 2 features the return of Slappy the ventriloquist dummy who terrorizes a family in an effort to create one for himself.


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This beautifully designed film by Pixar is the perfect flick to watch with your family. Besides the stunning visuals, there’s a beautiful story steeped in rich Mexican culture about what it means to be part of a family and how even

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