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Netflix’s Most Popular Shows and Movies, By the Numbers

Netflix has earned a reputation for a couple of things: first, releasing a seemingly endless scroll of series and movies, and second, rarely sharing how many people watch said entertainment.

Over the last few years, Netflix has selectively shared some viewership details, offering limited peeks into the way its internal system works. These revelations, sometimes offered via social media and sometimes in the company’s quarterly earnings reports, have prompted some criticism. For one thing, Netflix does not employ an outside agency to track its viewership. For another, the numbers are often provided in what feels like a vacuum, lacking the context necessary to judge whether the streaming service’s programs are successful.

While television networks offer their own analyses of viewership, they also rely on independent firms like Nielsen, which provide viewership data across multiple channels. While Nielsen has also tracked Netflix data since 2017, and has backed up some of Netflix’s own claims about its viewership, the streaming service has dismissed the company’s findings.

Without independent analysis or additional context, questions have arisen over the accuracy of Netflix’s claims and the way the platform counts its viewers. Among the limited number of times the company has shared viewership information, it’s noted that it counts “views” as one member account watching at least 70% of a movie or series episode. Its numbers also account for total views worldwide, rather than views per country.

Timing also varies in measuring how many people watch something on Netflix—numbers could reveal the total viewers after one week or one month. Alternatively, some data shared by Netflix comprise projections of what a project is expected to garner in views.

Netflix’s spate of original movies also complicates the numbers story the company is telling. Upcoming films

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