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Weekend In Entertainment: Thelonious Monk Tribute, Junior Astronomers & More!

Poetry, art, indie rock and a conversation about race, inequality and affordable housing are on this weekend’s agenda as temperatures cool off. Joining Gwendolyn Glenn to talk about these events for this edition of Weekend In Entertainment is Ryan Pitkin, editor of Queen City Nerve. 

Gwendolyn Glenn: Hi, Ryan. 

Ryan Pitkin: Hey, Gwen. Thanks for having me. 

Glenn: Let’s start with “A Night of Grief and Mystery” Friday night. Sounds spooky.

Pitkin: So, “A Night of Grief and Mystery” has been described as part poetry, part lamentation, part book reading, part ribaldry, part concert. That is a lot. So the event links Stephen Jenkinson, founder of the Orphan Wisdom School of Thought  — an actual, literal school — with singer-songwriter Gregory Hoskins and his band. If cults were cool and fun, this is going to be the kind of night you’ll see.

Glenn: So when and where will all this take place? 

Pitkin: It will be a 7 p.m. at McGlohon Theater in uptown.

Glenn: Also on Friday, there is a midday treat honoring the life and music of jazz legend Thelonious Monk a North Carolina native, right?

Pitkin: Yes. Thelonious was born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, as a young child. He taught himself to read music; later on, he took on formal lessons. He’s being recognized in the North Carolina Hall of Fame as a creator of modern jazz and bebop. He is the second-most recorded jazz artist right after Duke Ellington. He’s got this famous song, as you might know, “Well, You Needn’t,” “Blue Monk,” “Round Midnight.”

Glenn: And back to the free concert, midday show, and the actual concert. 

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