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Newsletter: Book Club: Join Julie Andrews in L.A.

Good morning, and welcome to the Book Club newsletter.

Julie Andrews made her film debut with “Mary Poppins,” which earned her an Oscar in 1965, an auspicious year in which she also starred in “The Sound of Music.” In her new memoir, “Home Work,” Andrews talks about the challenges of making the transition from Broadway to Hollywood star.

After reading the “Mary Poppins” script, she knew her debut would require her to fly. But she didn’t know it would be so hard. “What I hadn’t bargained on was how many different tricks it would take to pull it off on-screen,” she writes.

Those tricks included having duplicate costumes in larger sizes to hide a harness, steel panels and the wires used to suspend her in flying scenes. “It’s amazing to me that, even now, one doesn’t see the technical difficulties in ‘Mary Poppins’ that were ever-present while shooting,” she writes. “In those days there were no computers to assist with special effects.”

Her memoir offers an insider account of “Mary Poppins,” as well as the films that followed.

“Andrews’ reminiscences of ‘Mary Poppins’ are mainly focused on the enormously hard work she put into it, the intensity with which she threw herself into her singing, dancing and especially acting,” says Times film critic Justin Chang. “If there is a lesson here, it isn’t just that practice makes perfect; it’s that humility begets authority.”

On Nov. 18, Julie Andrews will discuss “Home Work” in a conversation with Times columnist Mary McNamara at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, and we’d love for you to join us for it. A limited number of seats still are available for the event, co-hosted by the Article source:

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