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Stanley Tucci’s 12 Most Adorable Movie Roles

Like most of us, my introduction to Stanley Tucci left an indelible mark. Age 11 and at my best friend’s house, I sat watching It Could Happen to You and reacted the same way anybody else in my position would: confused as to why I was supposed to root for Nicolas Cage. This man was no romantic lead and yet I was supposed to believe that in some lottery-winning reality, he and Bridget Fonda would fall in love.

And that’s when Stanley Tucci showed up. Shirtless, in a towel, and eating his estranged wife’s (Bridget Fonda) macadamia nuts (after letting himself into her home uninvited — admittedly, an egregious invasion of privacy), I was infuriated by his brazenness and entitlement. He seemed the anti-Christ to Cage’s holier-than-thou. I hated and loved him in equal measure.

Twenty-three years later and I’m thrilled to announce that the latter has eradicated the former entirely. In the three decades since embarking on his onscreen career, Stanley Tucci has become a star of cinema and of our hearts, proving repeatedly that he can disappear into any role and also somehow make us want to be held by him in the process.

Or, at least, that’s been my experience. So,

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