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How League of Legends’ hip-hop group, True Damage, shows where Riot Games is heading

True Damage was actually a follow-up to last year’s finals when Riot Games unveiled a Korean pop group they created called K/DA to a crowd of over 23,000 in Incheon’s Munhak Stadium in South Korea. It’s also just the latest in a long line of projects Riot Games has put out in an attempt to establish itself as more than just a game developer.

Riot has created its own original cinematics, music and other original content for years, but more recently the company has kicked up its efforts to expand beyond gaming. This year, Riot released the first set of comics based on its League of Legends characters, the result of a partnership with Marvel Comics signed last November.

In October, Riot also revealed that it was creating its first animated show series titled “Arcane,” also based on some of its most popular in-game characters.

Founder Marc Merrill said it’s all a result of meeting the demands of a fanbase of consumers that impresses not just on sheer scale (the game sees about 8 million peak concurrent players a day), but also one that has become extremely dedicated to the League of Legends intellectual property over time.

“We built an organization from the ground up, meant to hyper-serve a particular niche audience, all the elements are designed to laser focus on that,” he said. “We do things in what we perceive to be player demand, so there’s no corporate goal that’s alluding to a specific revenue growth target and no public investor that’s saying improve by [a certain percentage] next quarter.”

“That’s short-term, and we’re about long-term value delivery to our players,” Merrill continued. “That’s how we get a lot of engagement.”

That’s not to say that other publishers haven’t adapted their IPs from gaming into other popular media before. Japanese publishers Square Enix and Capcom,

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