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This Is Us producer breaks down Rebecca’s fate and those flash-forward shockers

Warning: This story contains plot details from Tuesday’s episode of This Is Us, “So Long, Marianne.”

When This Is Us headed into the holiday hiatus after Tuesday’s meaty fall finale, the halls were decked with more worry than cheer.

The Thanksgiving episode of NBC’s time-tinkering family drama gifted viewers with unease and dread, a bit of family warmth-’n’-togetherness, plus another Flash-Forward Mystery Tease™ that begat bundles of new questions.

Set on Thanksgiving Day, “So Long, Marianne” brought the whole gang together and pulled some of them apart, while exploring the unsettling struggle of Rebecca (Mandy Moore), the Pearson matriarch last seen angrily rebuffing dutiful son Randall (Sterling K. Brown) when he suggested she seek medical help for her sudden forgetfulness and behavior shifts. In Tuesday’s episode, still in denial, she asked him to keep the whole matter under wraps. And then she left the house to get some air, maybe see a movie, and pick up a pie, only to wind up

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