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Jimmy Kimmel Picture Books Asks Kids To Make ‘The Serious Goose’ Smile

Jimmy Kimmel wants parents to know one thing about his debut children’s book: It takes just five minutes to read.

Kimmel is all too familiar with bedtime negotiations … you know, where your kid asks to read five books, and you try to compromise at three, but, let’s be real, you end up reading five. “You never win,” Kimmel says.

Jimmy Kimmel: Making Late Night A Family Affair

The comedian has spent his late night career cracking up adults, but The Serious Goose is aimed at a younger audience — most notably, the two silly geese of his own, Kimmel’s youngest kids, Jane and Billy. The idea for the book — which asks kids to help get a serious goose to crack a smile — came from a nickname Kimmel has for his daughter.

“I’d ask her: ‘Today, are you a serious goose or a silly goose?’ It was really kind of a way of getting her out of a bad mood …” he says. “I liked trying to change her from the serious to the silly goose.”

This sweet and silly book was preceded by a scary and serious event: Kimmel’s son Billy was born with a congenital heart defect and underwent heart surgery as a newborn. All proceeds of the book will go to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and other children’s hospitals around the country.

Interview Highlights

On illustrating the story himself

I’m about as amateur as it gets. I can draw, I wanted to be an artist when

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