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Face the Music: Local music swag makes for great stocking-stuffers

There’s never a bad time to throw your support behind the local musicians you love in Maine, but there’s something about the holiday season that makes it feel all the more worthwhile. Several local acts offer a wide range of goodies, and you can spend as little as a dollar for a sticker or guitar pick or a few hundred on a personalized song. Should you accidentally scoop up a few things for yourself along the way, consider it money well spent, as you’re doing your part to keep the local acts you love afloat.

Here’s a snapshot of stocking-worthy items for sale by Maine musicians. For more ideas, check in with the bands that you and those on your shopping list love and see what they’re selling.

Bait Bag’s merchandise includes a T-shirt and beanie among other items. Photo by Claire Donnelly

Bait Bag is the feminist punk trio out on North Haven Island, and they’ve got a ton of fun swag, including hoodies, long- and short-sleeve shirts, beanie hats, stickers, guitar picks and three sizes of patches. Scoop it up at

A few pages of “Pinecone Pete” written by Spose and illustrated by Steve Gendron. Image courtesy of Spose.

Rapper Spose is Maine’s king of hip-hop, and on, you’ll find a ton of T-shirts and hats. But did you know he wrote a children’s book? It’s called “Pinecone Pete

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