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Jupiter Entertainment splits production services into new company: Knoxville will remain hub for both enterprises


Jupiter entertainment held a meet and greet in search of extras for their lineup of “True Crime” shows like “Homicide Hunter”, “Snapped”, or “Murder Choose me.”

Backed by parent companies Sky Studios and Comcast, Knoxville-headquartered Jupiter Entertainment is splitting its business in two.

Its production services arm will become The Production Hive, a one-stop shop for producers to access pre-production, production and post-production services.

Jupiter, one of the largest production companies in the country, will retain its focus on series development and will be The Hive’s largest client.

It’s a strategy aimed to scale both companies, which will retain a major foothold in Knoxville.

“It allows Jupiter to really focus on development and sales, and then the creative oversight of the projects they launch,” said Robert Twilley, president of The Hive. “And it transfers all of the production and business management responsibilities.”

Lowering risk for producers

The goal of the split is to eliminate risk for both companies and allow each to focus on its core competency.

The Hive will execute the creative vision of its clients through turnkey services for producers: casting, gear, wardrobe, set design, transcription, media management, staffing, human resources, finance, offline editing, graphics and final delivery.

The producer retains oversight of creative and major business decisions while

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