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Most Underrated Movies of 2019 — Best Underrated Movies (2019)

These 2019 releases deserve another look. As we near 2020 awards season kicks into high gear, we’re rounding up some stellar films released this year that deserve more attention than they got. Highly recommended, these are the top 10 underrated films of 2019.


1. The Nightingale

Jennifer Kent‘s thunderous follow-up to The Babadook stars Aisling Franciosi as an imprisoned, abused Irish convict who sets out into the wilderness of 1825 Australia seeking vengeance. To be clear: The Nightingale is not a revenge fantasy; it’s a moral, humane exploration of themes that aren’t restricted to any particular time and place. It’s not easy viewing—it’s as much a series of events you experience as it is a movie you watch—but storytelling this clear-eyed and urgent doesn’t come around all that often, and demands to be seen. Kent does not make compromises in telling challenging, impactful stories. She’s one of the most exciting filmmaking talents around right now.

Parade Exclusive: Jennifer Kent Talks About The Nightingale, Finding Light in Dark Places, and Why There Will Never Be a Babadook 2


2. Brittany Runs a Marathon 

Brilliantly funny 22 Jump Street and Workaholics star Jillian Bell headlines this winning dramedy about a New York party girl who makes the big decision to get healthy—and to live a fuller, better life.

This is one of the most truthful, brutally funny movies about the realities of modern-day female friendship since Bridesmaids. Like so many of the stars of that pop masterpiece, Bell and costar Michaela Watkins (disarmingly good here) are alums of LA’s Groundlings Theater.

Brittany Runs a Marathon is the best kind of entertainment: a movie about people

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