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The 2019 Sweat Science Holiday Book List

Cyber Monday has come and gone, but you somehow failed to acquire the right wirelessly charging, life-quantifying, smart-home-enabled wearable techno-gadget for everyone on your Christmas list. That’s OK. Books are cheap every day of the year, and they’re brimming with knowledge and inspiration. Here are some suggestions for the endurance nerds, science geeks, and just plain intellectually curious people in your life (including you).

Note that these are mostly books that I’ve read and enjoyed this year, but not necessarily books that were published this year. My operating theory is that a good book is better than a new book. (On that note, here is last year’s list.)

‘The Rise of the Ultra Runners’ by Adharanand Finn

(Photo: Courtesy Pegasus Books)

Finn, a British writer and editor at The Guardian, took his family to live in Kenya for his 2013 book Running with the Kenyans; then he took them to live in Japan for his 2017 book The Way of the Runner. This time, the kids got to stay home as he explored the fastest-growing running subculture of all. Finn’s new quest involves trying to qualify for and complete the famous Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc and, perhaps more challengingly, trying to figure out why he or anyone else would actually want to do such a thing.

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‘Good to Go’ by Christie Aschwanden

(Photo: Courtesy W. W. Norton Company)

The best and most-talked-about book on the science of athletic performance this year is an easy pick. That doesn’t mean Article source:

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