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Check it out: Animal picture books are perfect for cozy reading

This is an absolutely delightful adaptation of Margaret Wise Brown’s classic “Goodnight Moon.” It opens with these lines: “In the small blue room / There was a bubbala / And a little shmatta / And then, oy vey!, came — / The whole mishpacha!” The “bubbala” is a little bunny, and the “whole mishpacha” is his family coming to visit him in his blue bedroom. After the family eats dinner and sings some songs, the goodnight process begins: “Goodnight room / Goodnight shmatta / Goodnight mishpacha noshing on latkes.” Don’t worry if you and your little ones don’t understand all of the words. A helpful Yiddish/English glossary is included as well as a tasty recipe for latkes from chef, Ina Garten.

“How to Hide a Lion at Christmas,” written and illustrated by Helen Stephens.

A little girl named Iris wants to bring along her lion (a real one!) when the family takes a train ride to visit her Aunt Sarah, but there’s a problem: how do you hide a lion on a train? Iris is very sad when they have to leave him behind, but the lion has other plans. Find out how this unlikely friendship results in an unexpected reunion between Iris and her lovable lion.

“A Normal Pig,” written and illustrated by K-Fai Steele.

Pip is a pig who feels very normal. She likes making art, going to school and eating her special school lunch. But when a new pig arrives at her school and makes some unfriendly remarks about Pip’s lunch and other things, Pip begins to doubt herself. Maybe she isn’t normal after all. A helpful trip to the big city (a place full of unique pigs and diverse experiences) and love and encouragement from her family give Pip the confidence she needs to respond to the pig

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