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Hamilton City Council may show its meetings on television, video

For the first time in years, Hamilton residents may soon be able to watch meetings of their city council to see the decisions community leaders are making.

Council Member Carla Fiehrer, who was irked about speculation and inaccurate information about the city that has appeared on social media, suggested at Wednesday’s meeting that recordings be made of council meetings to help people see what’s actually being done.

“Where I think the good in Facebook still outweighs the bad, there’s a tremendous amount of inaccurate information that’s passed off as like gospel,” Fiehrer said. “So I think that we need to revisit live-streaming our meetings.”

She asked that if nobody objected, the matter be placed on the Dec. 11 meeting agenda, “and we begin it in January.”

Vice Mayor Michael Ryan said, “I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Thank you Councilwoman Fiehrer.”

Fiehrer told her colleagues she had already spoken with TV Hamilton director Steve Colwell, and he told her there would be no additional cost. Nobody on council objected Wednesday to the meetings being live-streamed, which will require a TV Hamilton staffer to be present during meetings.

There was a unanimous vote in favor of it Thursday morning by the TV Hamilton board, made up of Mayor Pat Moeller, representing the city; Council Member Kathleen Klink, representing the Hamilton Community Foundation; and Laurin Sprague of Hamilton’s school board.

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Told about the possible video streaming, John Forren, a Miami University political scientist and chairman of the Department of Justice and Community Studies, and executive director of Miami’s new Menard Family Center for Democracy, praised the idea.

“I think it’s always a positive development to open up

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