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Six Movies to See After NATO Summit

The guys and gals of NATO are back from their London confab. And while it wasn’t a real summit, it was a great reminder that NATO remains relevant in today’s security environment and that U.S. leadership remains crucial to the alliance’s continuing success.  

That said, there is one thing that NATO has failed to do throughout its 70-year existence: Inspire Hollywood to produce a great NATO war movie. 

True, NATO has not had many wars. It helped settle things with Serbia, and then there was the dust-up in Libya and operations in Afghanistan. But these failed to get the cameras rolling.  

Too bad. Coalition warfare, operations involving the integration of forces from more than one country, presents many unique challenges. As Churchill famously quipped, “The only thing worse than fighting with allies is fighting without them.” ? 

While NATO has yet to be given its cinematic due, Hollywood has turned out quite a few movies that deal with coalition warfare. Here are six of the best at depicting the complexity and frustration of war by committee.? 

#6.?The Patriot (2000). The Trump-Macron bromance may be over but, back in the day, if France hadn’t joined the American rebels in battling Britain today we would all be speaking English. ??? 

In this film, our hero manages to show up at many of the biggest battles of the revolution, including the joint American-French land-sea operation that cornered the British at Yorktown and secured independence.? 

#5. Waterloo (1970).?In the age of Napoleon, virtually every campaign was coalition warfare. In the climactic battle of his career, Napoleon shows how to fight outnumbered and lose. The British and Prussians team up to deliver the French emperor his Waterloo.? 

#4 The Longest Day (1962).?D-Day was the largest coalition amphibious operation in the history of warfare. American, Canadian and British

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