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The 10 most highly anticipated movies of the 2010s

Welcome to SYFY WIRE’s Decade in Review, a series of articles that will look to catalog the best, worst, and weirdest cultural and entertainment moments of the 2010s as we look toward the future. Today, we look to the most-hyped movies of the decade.

Call us crazy, but there are few feelings better than sitting down in a theater to finally watch a movie you’ve been not-at-all-patiently waiting to see. The previews finally finish up, the production company logos fade in and out, and you’re off to the races.

The past decade has been unprecedently good to genre fans, with superhero movies, horror flicks, and science fiction films becoming the dominant force in the cultural zeitgeist. Over time, they earned increasing hype, whether because they were adaptations of beloved works or because they were long-awaited sequels. Now movies garner endless media coverage in the lead-up to their premiere, the hype always growing. This is why we’re here today.

For the most part, this list is all about that franchise hype. As connecting narratives and sequels have proven to do gangbusters at the box office, studios have leaned hard into fictional universes and reboots. Not all of these 10 movies are a part of a franchise, but most are.

Now, a reminder before we start: Sometimes, too much hype can do damage. Some of these films, as anticipated as they were, fell flat for longtime and long-awaiting fans. With that in mind, here are the 10 most highly anticipated movies of the decade.

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