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15 Small Press Books To Kick Off Your 2020 Reading Season

As a River by Sion Dayson (Jaded Ibis Press; out now)

A novel steeped in family secrets, Dayson’s As a River follows Greer Michaels who has returned to his small, Southern town ostensibly to look after his aging mother, but even Greer knows it’s more than that. Haunted by his own urgent departure from the town over a decade ago, his relationship with a white woman, and the teenage girl Ceiley whom he sees too much of himself in, Greer has to find a way to reconcile his past while forging some kind of a future. Dayson has written a classic story of generational struggle and redemption.

This Particular Happiness: A Childless Love Story by Jackie Shannon Hollis (Forest Avenue Press; out now)

This memoir opens with Hollis, newly married to her husband, Bill, holding her baby niece and wondering if she wants a baby of her own. She and Bill were both clear that they didn’t want children — except Hollis begins to wonder if maybe she does want to be a parent. In crystal clear prose laced with memory and introspection, she examines both societal expectations and her own thoughts regarding motherhood.

Tidal Flats by Cynthia Newberry Martin (Yellow Pear Press; out now)

Martin’s novel tells the story of a couple who have an agreement for their long-distance relationship. Ethan will have three years to continue his work as a photojournalist in Afghanistan, and after that, Cass will get him home for good. Yet, like most plans, theirs goes awry. Cass finds an unexpected community — and a mission of her own — in her work at a home for elderly women, and Ethan pushes the deadline of their pact to a critical and, ultimately dangerous, point. When

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