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7 Books That Will Help You Improve Your Performance At Work

Be honest: Are you giving your work your all? Or have you started to feel like it’s tougher than ever to keep up a high level of performance? Before you slip further or spiral into a full-blown case of imposter syndrome, engage in a little self-help.

The following books tackle various snags that might be causing your progress to stall. From teaching the art of delegation to helping you break self-sabotaging habits, these works will jostle you off your temporary professional plateau and toward the peaks. Allow yourself to reach for the stars again by getting sage advice from these knowledgeable authors.

1. The Four Greatest Coaching Conversations: Change Mindsets, Shift Attitudes, and Achieve Extraordinary Results by Jerry Connor and Karim Hirani

As an executive coach, I devour books on the topic. That’s why The Four Greatest Coaching Conversations tops this particular list. To develop their approach, Jerry Connor and Karim Hirani combed through endless data points and anecdotal evidence. They arrived at the conclusion that meaningful change requires the ability to sit in the moment and develop relationships, along with two other key mentalities. I want clients to exceed their expectations, and with this thoughtful work, I can better direct them toward rewarding outcomes.

2. How to Get

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