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Men plead guilty in thefts of rare books from Carnegie Library

About an hour ago

The two men accused of stealing and reselling more than $500,000 worth of rare books, maps and other artifacts from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh reached a plea deal Monday with prosecutors who agreed to drop most of the charges they faced.

Still, the men could be sentenced to more than 20 years in prison and be levied thousands of dollars of fines as no agreement was made regarding their sentencing.

“The shock, the anger and the hurt we feel that individuals who were close to us, who were trusted by us, who were considered friends and colleagues to many of us at the library, would abuse the faith we had in them for personal gain will be with us for a very long time,” Carnegie Library communications manager Suzanne Thinnes said in a statement.

Gregory Priore, 63, of Pittsburgh’s Shadyside neighborhood, was the archivist and manager of the library’s William R. Oliver Special Collections Room from 1992 until April 2017.

The room held a collection of rare books, maps and other items worth millions. Priore was accused of stealing the items from the library and selling them to John Schulman, 56, of Squirrel Hill, who owns the Caliban Bookshop in Oakland.

Among the items that were stolen was a 400-year-old Bible printed in London. It was recovered in April 2019 in the Netherlands as part of the criminal investigation.

Priore pleaded guilty to single felony charges of theft and receiving stolen property. In exchange, prosecutors dropped two other felony theft charges, criminal mischief and conspiracy and a misdemeanor charge of library theft.

Priore faces a sentence of up to 20 years in prison on each of the charges he pleaded guilty to and $50,000 in fines, according to Allegheny County Judge Alexander Bicket.

Schulman pleaded

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