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Warren releases first television ad of campaign in NH, focusing on fighting ‘corruption’

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is up Monday with its first television ad of the presidential campaign in New Hampshire – a 30-second spot that focuses on her key themes of fighting corruption and delivering “a democracy that works for everyone.”

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“I’m not afraid to stand up to billionaires and corrupt politicians. I’ve been doing it for years,” the Massachusetts senator says in the ad, which can be viewed here and at the end of this report. She cites her leading role in the creation of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2010 and 2011.

“After Wall Street crashed our economy in 2008, I confronted the broken system head on … and created America’s first consumer watchdog to hold the big banks accountable,” Warren says in the ad, which includes a clip of her standing with former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner outside of the White House.

As part of her campaign’s recent focus on a message that she can unite the Democratic Party and is the most electable general election candidate, Warren also cites her 2012 victory over former Sen. Scott Brown, a moderate Republican incumbent, after she began the race as the underdog.

“When Republican senators tried to sabotage the reforms we made, I can against one of them, and I beat him,” she says in the ad, without mentioning Brown by name.

Warren’s campaign says it is beginning its push by having the ad air on WMUR-TV. The campaign currently has $122,000 in advertising time booked for today through Jan. 19 and $110,000 booked for Jan. 20-26 on the station, according to public Federal Communications Commission documents.

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