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That marathon Avengers: Endgame viewing may actually have been good for your health, say scientists

Feeling guilty about being an idle, motionless bench warmer for the full two hours and 22 minutes (plus all those previews) of The Rise of Skywalker’s runtime? Well, if you can stay away from the buttered popcorn and the Skittles, your evening-busting evening with even marathon three-hour movies like Avengers: Endgame may actually end up doing your body a small favor, according to a group of British scientists.

To the delight of genre junkies everywhere, a new study of moviegoers in the U.K. reveals that going to the theater and planting yourself in a seat may actually be an experience on par with a light, modest workout. Sure, the research was commissioned by British cinema chain Vue International, so there’s no denying it’s a fortuitous outcome for a company in the business of getting people into theaters. But the methodology, crafted and carried out by the Faculty of Experimental Psychology at University College London, looks legit enough, and we’re definitely stoked about the findings.

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