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Talking Movies With Patton Oswalt

When we spoke to Patton Oswalt last week, he had not seen Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but the comedian was willing to discuss movies with Phoenix New Times.

He doesn’t have as much time to head to the movie theater as he did in the late ’90s, back when his obsession with all things cinematic peaked, which he documented in his 2015 memoir Silver Screen Fiend. In addition to touring his new hour of comedy, titled I Love Everything, he’s narrating the voice of Adam in the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs and preparing for another season of A.P. Bio, which will debut on NBC’s new streaming service The Peacock.

Before he comes to the Celebrity Theatre on Saturday, January 25, Oswalt took the time to talk about his love of film, his relationship with Twitter, and how much he relates to his character in The Goldbergs. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Phoenix New Times
: What can fans expect from your appearance in Phoenix?

Patton Oswalt: I have a whole new hour of material. I’d rather not say what the material is. I want people to be surprised, but it’s nothing that was in the last special. I hope they like it. It seems to be going well on the road.

Are you still moving away from nerd culture in your act?

It’s not like I’m deciding to steer away from anything. It’s whatever is interesting to me at the moment. Sometimes it’s pop culture. I’m always trying to tie whatever I’m doing with something larger or cosmic. I’m not thinking in terms of doing this or this. I never know what’s going to interest me.

You’re the voice of the adult version of Adam on The Goldbergs, which

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