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TV at the Pollock Puts Television on the Big Screen

UCSB’s Carsey-Wolf Center Six-Part Series on Television

Deadwood | Handmaid’s Tale | West Wing

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Whatever you choose to call it — Peak TV, the Second Golden Age of Television — small-screen fare continues to dominate the viewing landscape these days. While the monikers may refer to post-2000 programming, there was a glimmer of what could be in the 1990s, thanks to quick-witted comedies such as Seinfeld, Friends, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and That ’70s Show, and boundary-pushing dramas like NYPD Blue and Law Order. While all of the aforementioned shows won Emmys and ran a decade or more, Law Order became the one franchise that continues today. Conceived by producer/writer Dick Wolf, Law Order: SVU (1999-present) last year surpassed Gunsmoke (1955-’75) as the longest-running primetime live-action series on television. 

In 2004, Wolf and fellow television pioneer Marcy Carsey became the founding sponsors of the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Center for Film, Television, and New Media, the goal of which is “to foster informed dialogue, critical skills, historical understanding, and new forms of literacy for a global and interconnected world,” according to its mission statement. And that’s exactly what the Carsey-Wolf Center has done for the past 16 years. In its nearly 300-seat Pollock Theater on the UCSB campus, students and the public can attend free screenings, QAs with film and television writers, actors, directors, and producers, and learn about research and educational projects related to understanding today’s media.

This winter, the Carsey-Wolf Center is saluting its namesakes by offering a series called TV at the Pollock, which

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