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Visiting the Library Is Twice as Popular as Going to the Movies

The two most common leisure time, cultural activities in America are going to the library and going to the movies. On average, American adults visit a library 10.5 times a year, nearly twice as often as their 5.3 trips to the movies. At an average ticket price of over $9 a ticket, those trips to the movies cost about $50 annually, while visiting a library is free. Maybe the price difference has something to do with it?

According to the latest report from Gallup on how Americans spend their leisure time, the cost is a factor. Among families with a household income of $100,000 or more, adults visit the library an average of 8.5 times a year and go to a movie 6.3 times. Among families with incomes of less than $40,000, adults visit the library an average of 12.2 times and go to the movies just 4.4 times a year.

High-income adults are also more than twice as likely to go to a live sporting event (7.5 times a year) compared to lower-income adults, who attend 3.6 sporting events a year. As of Thursday, the average price of a ticket to Super Bowl LIV on the secondary market is $8,904, steep even for high earners. (The NFL does not publish the face value of tickets to the big game.) The average cost of a ticket for an NBA regular-season game is now $89 on the secondary market. On average, an American adult goes to 4.7 live sports events a year, making it the third most popular leisure activity.

The Gallup survey gathered data on nine activities. In addition to libraries, movies and sports events, Americans attend an average of 3.8 live musical or theatrical events, make 3.7 visits to U.S. national parks, visit gambling casinos 2.5 times a

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