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Weekend In Entertainment: Totally ’80s, Madea, Marty Simpson & More!

On tap this weekend, there’s a Tyler Perry play on stage, a NASCAR exhibit, a comedian who’s a South Carolina native performs in the QC and lots of nostalgia at an event called “Totally 80s.” Joining Gwendolyn Glenn to talk about this event and others for this edition of Weekend In Entertainment is WSOC anchor Brittney Johnson.

Gwendolyn Glenn: Hi Brittney. 

Brittney Johnson: Hi Gwen. 

Glenn: So Brittney give us the 411 on Totally ’80s! 

Johnson: Well, Gwen, just close your eyes. Think about the shoulder pads, the stirrup pants, you know, the big hair, hairspray, and then put it to music. 

Glenn: Oh my!

Johnson: And you can imagine how much fun they’re expecting to have. The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, along with two vocalists, are going to be bringing the ’80s to life on stage. They’re going to be playing hits by Blondie, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel. It is sure to be a blast from the past.

Glenn: And it sounds like a chance to dance a lot, as well. 

Johnson: To dance a lot, and I think you can dress the part as well. So don’t be shy. They encourage people to dress up ’80s style. 

Glenn: OK, so when and where? 

Johnson: That’s Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at Knight Theater. 

Glenn: Great. And just a few blocks away from the Knight Theater is the NASCAR Hall of Fame where there’s a limited-time exhibit called RCR 50: Only in America. Tell us about that. 

Johnson: Yes, this exhibit “RCR 50: Only in America,” is to honor the 50th anniversary

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