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5 Things I Learned From Binge-Reading a 50-Book Crime Series

Crazy book lady, at your service.


At 29, I’m not old, but I somewhat comically injured myself at least twice while reading the “In Death” series.

The first happened about 10 books in, when I got the strangest pain in my left pinky. It was particularly present when I would type; it felt like my finger had done one too many crunches. I was in the middle of reading when I said to my partner, “I can’t figure out why my pinky hurts so much.” He casually suggested it might have something to do with my new reading obsession, but I shot that down, feeling defensive.

I did notice, however, that I was holding the book like a martini glass, pinky out. Within days of changing my grip, the pain went away.

Then, toward the end of the book series, my right eye started twitching for about a week and a half. I was embarrassed, and Googled what might be the cause. Sure, I drank the occasional caffeinated tea, I probably could have gotten more sleep and I am almost always stressed. But about two days after I finished book No. 50, my eye twitch went away.


Rediscovering the library has been one of my favorite things about reading this series. I can’t explain the excitement I would feel when I got an email notifying me that my books had come in and were ready for pickup. I loved going to get them and finding them bound together with a rubber band and marked with my initials. I would sometimes giggle when I placed a stack of 10 books on the scanner and it somehow correctly

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