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Read More Music Ally Startup Files: Jambl, the music-making app for non-musicians Music is

Music is different to other creative acts: there’s a palpable barrier to entry compared to, say, photography. Jambl aims to change that by making music-creation fun, simple and entertaining, but with a full industry vertical behind it. Can hits be made, remixed, identified, and fully exploited, all in one platform?

Jambl, which recently received half a million euros of funding from another music-apps firm, Gismart, is one of a few apps – like the recently profiled Voisey – trying to lower the bar of entry to music creation. What unites these apps is ease of creation, collaboration, and the aim of turning little loops of music into something more meaningful, workable and sellable.

Co-founder Gad Baruch Hinkis’ enthusiasm for Jambl is real. “Music is for everyone: you don’t need to be a genius with natural-born talent to have a great experience and connect with other people,” he says. His pitch certainly won over the judges of the Midemlab 2019 startups contest last June: Jambl won the music creation and education category.

Jambl has a glossy interface designed to make “non-musicians” comfortable, and a fun, kitchen-sink approach to music-making. Gad is an artist himself, and maybe his work with Berlin’s premiere (or perhaps only) sax-funk-jive-rap-electro-swing combo Dirty Honkers is what sowed the seed of Jambl’s eclectic, colourful, more-is-more approach.

For him, success hinges on marketing: “I describe our ambition in three words: ‘Nike for music.’ Jambl can also be a brand

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