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Jessica Simpson’s Music Deserves More Love

Jessica Simpson’s new memoir, Open Book, was released last week. (If you want to be mad at John Mayer forever, definitely read.) While the book has been discussed for its heartbreaking details, I think not enough time has been spent remembering the reason we first came to know her: music.

Yes, it’s true Simpson eventually became more famous for her reality-show hijinks and high-profile relationships. It’s also true that she came up in a time when so many interchangeable-seeming blonde pop stars (see: Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, Christina Aguilera, Hoku, Willa Ford) were making similar music — and that any individual artistic achievement of the era is all-too-easy to overlook. But reading Simpson’s book truly makes it clear how much music meant to the pop musician-turned-reality star. In that spirit, let’s revisit some of her greatest songs. Trust me, they might hold up even better now.

“A Public Affair”

I’m sorry but this song has always slapped and will always slap. It’s Jessica Simpson’s “getting ready to go out with your

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