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Books Briefing: Giving Romance a Language

? Find Me, by André Aciman
? Call Me by Your Name, by André Aciman

How to fall in love over text
Emergency Contact is a book about how relationships that begin as a collection of pixels can become capital-R Real—in the Velveteen Rabbit sense. It’s also about the vague and slippery rules of communication in the digital age that both help and hurt those relationships.”

?Emergency Contact, by Mary H. K. Choi

Writing unconventional narratives that reconstruct love
“Maggie Nelson’s Bluets, an ode to a mysterious ‘prince of blue,’ written in short, numbered sections, [is] more like a philosophical proof than a traditional love story.”

? Bluets, by Maggie Nelson
? Heart Berries, by Terese Marie Mailhot

(Tamas Panczel-Eross / Shutterstock)

An Exclusive Love is a romantic tragedy
“The book chronicles the final hours of Vera and Pista Adorjan, Hungarian Jews who had survived the Holocaust and the 1956 uprising in Budapest. In old age, with Pista suffering from a prolonged illness, the two made the decision to take their own lives, hand in hand, in Denmark in 1991.”

? An Exclusive Love, by Johanna Adorján

(New York Public Library)

Men who love too much
“Patrick Hamilton’s exceptional, and overlooked, novels show that falling in love with the wrong person is misery—and it isn’t much fun for the wrong person either.”

? The Midnight Bell, by Patrick Hamilton
? Hangover Square, by Patrick Hamilton
? The Siege of Pleasure, by Patrick Hamilton

The Reference Desk

(New York Public Library)

This week’s question comes from Nancy: “Which collections of poetry do you recommend and

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