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The 10 hottest movies everyone is streaming right now – is your favorite on the list?

As much as President Trump loves to fire broadsides and to weigh in on big cultural topics of the moment when he feels like the direction is not sufficiently pro-America, it was probably inevitable that he would chime in at some point on The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarding the “Best Picture” Oscar this year to Parasite. That’s the film, as everyone probably knows by now, which made history earlier this month by becoming the first non-English language film in the 92-year history of the Oscars to win the top prize of the night. The movie, directed by Bong Joon-ho, is a black comedy and satire that focuses on class warfare, and there’s still such pent-up demand for the film that it’s been digitally remastered and is back in theaters for a one-week IMAX run.

Of course, President Trump is not having it. During a campaign rally in Colorado, the president tore into Parasite thus: “By the way, how bad were the Academy Awards this year?” he asked the crowd rhetorically, ginning up a chorus of a boos.  “The winner is a movie from South Korea. What the hell was that all about? We’ve got enough problems with South Korea, with trade. And after all that, they give them best movie of the year?”

The studio that distributed Parasite in the US has since responded to the president’s ire, with a terse, blistering comment on Twitter:

As we noted above, meanwhile, not only has demand for the movie’s theatrical release hardly died down at all. Parasite also remains the top streaming movie for the week yet again, when looking at the films that people are watching the most right now across all the major streaming services. That’s according to the team at Article source:

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