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Use television to open up our minds in this strange time

In this strange time can I suggest that the BBC, ITV, Sky and others open up their archives for sampling in the area of cultural and intellectual life. I think of Brian Magee’s great series/interviews on philosophers/philosophy in the late 1970s; The Late Show (1989-95); more retrievals from the jazz archives and chamber music concerts (and not just symphonic music). Such programmes could be re-shown at various times of the day and night.
Richard H King
Beeston, Nottingham

• I’ve just been watching French TV and seeing how they are using the medium for information. Lessons during the day from pre-school to sixth form, and brisk, clear public service information about coronavirus. Why are we not doing the same? BBC Four is not being used in the day, and clear notices before popular programmes on BBC One and ITV would be perfect for those who don’t use the internet . If it was possible to bombard us with Brexit notices, why not now? Bring back the Ministry of Information, I say!
Janet Mansfield
Aspatria, Cumbria

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