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How to watch ‘Birds of Prey’, ‘Bloodshot’ and more new movies from your couch

All the major movie theater chains are closed during the coronavirus pandemic — with the US box office posting zero revenue for the first time in history last week. But that means you can now watch recently released films curled up on the couch instead, without the usual long wait. Here are the new, straight-from-theater films available digitally this week, and where to buy them.

“Birds of Prey”

The first standalone film for DC Comics’ Harley Quinn, the Joker’s batty girlfriend, “Birds of Prey” is the funniest comic-book movie since “Deadpool.” With the Clown Prince now behind bars, Quinn has to fend for herself as an army of enemies tries to do her in. Margot Robbie’s smiley violence and harsh Brooklyn accent are hilarious. ($19.99 on iTunes and Amazon)


Vin Diesel in Bloodshot.
Vin Diesel in “Bloodshot.”Columbia Pictures

Vin Diesel plays a man nearly killed while on vacation with his wife, but is saved using technology that turns him into a super-soldier in “Bloodshot.” In this comic-book movie, Ray Garrison a k a Bloodshot seeks to avenge his spouse’s death. ($19.99 on iTunes and Amazon)

“The Way Back”

Ben Affleck in The Way Back.
Ben Affleck in “The Way Back.”AP

One of the biggest surprises this year at the movies has been Ben Affleck’s comeback in this affecting underdog sports film. In “The Way Back,”

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