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The 25 best movies to watch on Netflix: March 2020

How many times have you sat down to find a movie on Netflix, only to spend the next 15 minutes scrolling through the streaming service’s oddly specific menus only to give up and put on The Office again? Netflix’s huge catalogue of movies, combined with its inscrutable algorithm, can make finding something to watch feel more like a chore than a way to unwind.

We’re here to help. If you’re suffering from a case of choice paralysis, we’ve narrowed down your options to our 25 favorite movies on the platform. These run the gamut from classic horror (The Wicker Man) to cozy kids movies (Klaus) and everything in between. We’ll be updating this list as Netflix cycles movies in and out of its library, so be sure to check back next time you’re stuck in front of the Netflix home screen.

American Honey

Shia LaBeouf drives a convertible and looks at Sasha Lane

Photo: A24

Andrea Arnold’s lively road-trip movie follows a “mag crew” — a group of aimless twentysomethings, driving from town to town in a van, scamming the locals into buying magazine subscriptions for a predatory company. During the day, they sell; at night, they party and jockey for social position. The behind-the-scenes stories on American Honey are tremendous; Arnold really did roam around the country, casting non-professionals she found partying in Walmart parking lots and beaches. And they give American Honey a loose, natural, casual feel. The few pro actors — Riley Keough as the ruthless mag-crew manager, Shia LaBeouf as her top

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