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Feeling Isolated Or Down? Try These Movies To Regain Your Sense Of A Purposeful Life

Grocery shopping has changed in recent weeks. People keep their distance, shelves are bare and workers are frazzled. During a recent trip after I could find no open slots for home delivery within 10 days, I overheard a conversation between a stocker and customer.

“I have seen people’s true selves in the last few days,” the stocker said.

“Are you surprised?” asked the customer, to which  the stocker responded, “Nah! it just confirms what I already knew.”

Fear and panic can bring out the worst in people, but this is all the more reason to focus on the good during the COVID-19 pandemic. All around us, we can see the spirit of human enterprise and collaboration, the passionate and positive focus on purpose — often with humor—and the solving of problems against significant odds.

In addition to real-world examples that inspire, we can affirm our sense of a purposeful life by watching movies while stuck at home. Here are eight of my all-time favorites, linked to leadership insights from prior columns to explain why.

Some films are Hollywood, while others are Bollywood. If you are not used to the latter genre, prepare for music, dance and romance. And make sure you have popcorn for the longer run times.

“The Martian” (2015): Talk about social distancing, Mark Watney spends 18 months alone on the red planet. Yet he and his rescuers demonstrate a benevolent spirit of close-knit collaboration when they pull together and focus on bringing him home. I call this a mission-oriented grand challenge. Watney calls it being part of “something big and beautiful, and greater than me.” High performers may have different abilities and aspirations, but they

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