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Quarantine entertainment: Stay occupied with live online activities

Musicians, artists, business owners and many others are busy online producing content for those stuck at home to help pass the time. One such person is Pine River resident John Carlson, who is doing his part to keep the lakes area entertained through online trivia.

When the world isn’t in a global pandemic, Carlson hosts weekly Trivia Mafia at Roundhouse Brewery in Brainerd and 14 Lakes Brewery in Crosslake. When the establishments closed and trivia subsequently took a hiatus, Carlson said some of his regulars asked if there was any way he could keep it going virtually.

“And I was like, ‘That’s a brilliant idea,’’ Carlson said during a phone interview Wednesday, March 25.

Carlson hosted what was originally meant to be a one-time trivia event Friday, March 20, through Facebook Live.

“The feedback was phenomenal,” Carlson said, noting he received a lot of gratitude from players. “… I felt like I actually was a part of a community again. I had a blast.”

The activity was so well-received, he decided to make it a twice-weekly event.

“And what else am I going to do on my week nights?” he joked. “I’m not doing anything now.”

Now, anyone with a device connected to the internet and some free time can participate in online trivia with Carlson at 7 p.m. every Wednesday and Friday night from home.

For each event, Carlson will post a live video in the Facebook group BLA Community Trivia Night streams. Those who want to participate should join the group and will be able to access the video when it starts up. The Wednesday night version is shortened to about an hour, with four rounds of five questions, for those who don’t want to get to bed too late.

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