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The Best Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix, Amazon and More in April

‘Too Hot to Handle’

Starts streaming: April 17

If you were disappointed that Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” premiered a couple of weeks before we all headed into coronavirus isolation, have I got some good news for you. “Too Hot to Handle” is yet another outrageous dating “experiment” from the streaming giant: Here, we are investigating whether “deeper and more meaningful connections” will form when sex is banned. In order to create as much unscientific drama as possible, the show is set in a beachside villa populated by “the hottest, horniest, commitment-phobic swipesters” — (if this sounds like “Love Island,” you’re not far-off — who are then told that they can’t have sex by a digital personal assistant called Lana. Amounts are deducted from the prize money every time there is sexual contact between contestants, and my guess is at this point in this description, you know whether you’ll be watching or not.

‘Never Have I Ever’

Starts streaming: April 27

Mindy Kaling drew on her teenage years in California to create this half-hour coming-of-age show. We meet Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), a first-generation Indian-American, at the beginning of her sophomore year in high school. She’s determined to get her and her besties boyfriends, but the rest of the school is more interested in the fact that she’s out of the wheelchair she’d been using since a mystery paralysis took hold after her dad died of a heart attack. Devi is having a tough time, and “Never Have I Ever” grounds her struggles in sessions with her therapist (a wonderful Niecy Nash) and knowing narration from John McEnroe — yep, the tennis player — as well as moments of awkward teenage hilarity. “Never Have I Ever” is

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