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9 Scary Superhero Movies To Stream Instead Of ‘New Mutants’

Since The New Mutants won’t be opening today, enjoy an art house sci-fi fable, a trendsetting vampire actioner, a modern DC Films classic and more “good-n-scary” superhero movies.

In a world not rocked by coronavirus, this weekend’s big new theatrical release would be New Mutants. Yes, Josh Boone’s stand-alone X-Men flick, which was supposed to open back in April of 2018, joins The Hunt and The Interview as one of the unluckiest movies in modern history. The Maisie Williams/Anya Taylor-Joy/Charlie Heaton/Alica Braga/Blu Hunt/Henry Zaga flick was not permanently tarred by scandal, but rather undone by corporate shenanigans.

The picture was allegedly delayed for reshoots intended to more closely match Boone’s initial “horror movie” pitch, which Fox retroactively embraced after It earned $700 million worldwide. Alas, Disney


then spent 18 months solidifying the purchase of Fox while the X-Men franchise which New Mutants was supposed to expand died out. April 13, 2018 turned into February 22, 2019 which turned into April 3, 2020.

Whether the movie will actually play in theaters or end up a Disney+ (or Hulu) exclusive I cannot say. However, in the meantime, if you’re itching for some “It’s a comic book superhero movie… but scary!” action, I’ve got you covered. Here are nine superhero movies, some original and some adapted, with at least some elements of the heebies and/or jeebies. As always, these will be in alphabetical order and all of these are available to rent from various VOD platforms for anywhere from $4 to $10.

Blade (1998/New Line)

budget: $40 million

worldwide box office: $131 million

Yes, this one is pretty obvious, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an appropriate recommendation. The first successful Marvel

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