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STRINGER: Miss baseball? Watch these movies

Missing baseball?

Brother, sister … preach, I’m right there with you. In fact, as I social distance with my two four-legged pooches, Molly and Chloe, I feel like I’ve gone through a breakup.

I literally watched all 117 of the Astros’ wins last year, including two victories over the Rays at Minute Maid Park in the ALDS 3-2 triumph. It’s just one of five playoff series I’ve seen since 2017, including that controversial-yet-still-amazing World Series.

I haven’t missed a game — whether live, in person or rewatch — since 2001, when I first got MLB TV; I even missed my high school graduation party to watch Roger Clemens pitch that night in a 6-1 win over the Marlins.

It’s not healthy, I must admit; the Astros’ star is literally tattooed above my heart. And that co-dependence is what makes this absence of America’s pastime so hard.

But … desperate times call for desperate measures. So, baseball lovers — for those who don’t have commemorative World Series Blu-ray discs to tide you over (sorry, Sam Grubenhoff) — here’s my top five baseball watches to tide you over until the season hopefully resumes.

1. “Bull Durham”

Opening with Annie Savoy’s Church of Baseball monologue, “Bull Durham” is the perfect baseball movie.

It celebrates the journeyman, the rookie, the unheralded beauty of the minors and romance — both of the game and between a man and a woman. And it’s infinitely quotable, from the “Strikeouts are boring. Besides that they’re fascist.” to the “Announce my presence with authority” to the “Lollygaggers!” monologue following the losing streak. And the best: “The only church that truly feeds the soul, day in and day out, is the church of baseball.”

Where to watch: Free on VUDU

2. “Major League”

From the start of Randy Newman’s “Burn On,” man this movie slaps.

It’s the greatest ensemble

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