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A strange form of entertainment

Our evenings are full of social isolation, teens and tweens anxious to get out of the house and weird presentations about unfamiliar topics.

Could life be any more wonderful? For a change, I ask that without a hint of sarcasm.

As we maneuvered through the third week of kids home from school amid the coronavirus pandemic, their creativity took a strange turn … into offering digital presentations.

That’s right, PowerPoint — that pariah of office life where we watch people literally read the words off a screen to us — has found its way into the entertainment at our house. Technically, we’re using Google Slides, since the kids are more familiar with that web-based program.

We can’t claim to have invented this genre. Our older children (and their parents) enjoy watching a ridiculous TV show called “Impractical Jokers,” where four friends make each other do silly things in public, whispered into their ears via an earpiece.

One of their favorite punishments is to make someone stand in front of a group of people and give a presentation they’ve never seen before.

Thus began our new form of entertainment, at the urging of our children. We scatter to the different corners of our house and build 10- to 12-slide presentations that someone else will offer, without practice, to the rest of the family. Then we connect a laptop to the living room TV, standing in front of it as if we’re on a stage giving a speech in front of a screen. Each slide is a surprise, requiring you to think on your feet and react to what it says.

One night, I was challenged by my 11-year-old to explain why frogs ate all the dinosaurs in the world. According to my presentation, the frogs all dressed up like police officers to lock the dinosaurs behind bars, then

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