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12 Great TV Series by Film Directors

The Danish genre provocateur Nicolas Winding Refn showed a knack for serialized storytelling when he expanded his 1996 debut feature, “Pusher,” into a gory and harrowing trilogy about the Copenhagen underworld. His Amazon series, “Too Old to Die Young,” conceived with the comic book writer Ed Brubaker, has the brutality and ultraviolence of the “Pusher” films, but it’s a much slower burn, in line with the striking color and formal rigor of recent Refn efforts like “Drive,” “The Neon Demon” and especially “Only God Forgives.” Over 10 parts and a long 13 hours, “Too Old to Die Young” follows Miles Teller as a Los Angeles police detective who moonlights as a contract killer, a convergence that intensifies after his partner is murdered. It requires patience to wend through Refn’s beautiful, soporific mood piece, but the atmosphere makes the occasional spasms of violence pop in contrast.

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