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Column: Some of us save lives, others inspire with music. We’ve all got something to contribute

When a COVID-19 patient is released from our local hospital, “Don’t Stop Believin’” plays over the loud speaker.

Clearly the nurses and doctors caring for patients with COVID-19 are our heroes right now. They risk their own health to help others and, no question, deserve our praise and thanks.

They deserve some encouragement, too. I hope Code Believe provides some of that.

Music has always been a huge encouragement for me.

When I struggled daily to care for a child who wanted nothing to do with me, music got me through it.

When another foster care case did a quick 180, leaving best-laid plans in shambles, music was there.

When I said goodbye to a couple of kids and buried my feelings about it for weeks, I eventually turned to music. 

Songs have helped me process the emotions of infertility, persevere against injustices and honor the memory of loved ones who have died.

So, amid this pandemic, I, of course, have been encouraged by music. 

Those who entertain us have a useful role to play.

Are musicians, athletes or actors saving those hospitalized with COVID? I hope not. Even the stars of “Grey’s Anatomy” aren’t going to be much good at saving actual lives. 

But I don’t find it helpful to discount their contributions to the world. 

A mini-concert on Instagram may not save the world. Perhaps for some it is just a distraction. But an artist putting heartfelt lyrics out into the world can be powerful stuff when it helps us process what is going on around us. 

As tours have been postponed, and filming delayed and seasons canceled, we’ve lost some experiences that bring us joy. 

A great scene from a TV show or movie can be good for the soul. Watching your favorite team pull off a comeback brings a sense of community and team spirit.

For me, there’s nothing like watching

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