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Here are the 5 best movies you can now watch at home

Theaters are starting to tentatively reopen in some places, and drive-ins are making a comeback. But with most theaters still closed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, this year’s summer movie season is still up in the air.

Yet film releases have not slowed down. Each weekend, on streaming services and through “virtual theatrical” releases, new and newly available movies arrive to delight cinephiles of all stripes.

The offerings for this Memorial Day weekend are uniformly joy-giving. There’s a documentary about a feisty, brilliant chef. There’s a rom-com caper and an intimate nonfiction portrait of a painter and a thief. One of last year’s most joyful musicals is now available to stream. And a decade-long journey of two comedians is coming to an end, with a delicious trip to Greece. (Most of the films that were newly released in recent weeks are also still available to watch.)

Here are the five best movies, from a range of genres, that premiered this week and are available to watch at home — for a few bucks on digital services, through virtual theatrical engagements, or to subscribers on streaming platforms.

Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy

Diana Kennedy is 97 years, but you’d never know it from Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy, in which the famed cookbook author’s insatiable appetite both for great food and for learning about her adopted home country of Mexico is on full display. Kennedy, who is British, moved to Mexico with her husband when she was a young woman and has lived there for most of her adult life. She’s sustained such a fascination with indigenous Mexican cooking — with its ingredients, its traditional methods, the ways that different regions of Mexico handle all sorts

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